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Utilize the Power of Activated Carbon

Our wide range of activated carbon products is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the food and beverage industry. Activated carbon is a versatile material that plays a crucial role in purification, filtration, and decolorization processes. From removing impurities and contaminants to improving taste and odor, our activated carbon solutions ensure the highest level of quality and purity in your food and beverage products.

Common Food Applications

Citric acid- purification and fermentation

Beer- modify taste

Tea & Coffee- decaffeination

Wine- eliminate odor, haze, and decolorization

Soft Drinks- decolorization of sugar syrup

Fruit juice- deodorization and decolorization

Enhance Your Food & Beverage

Experience the difference our premium food and beverage solutions can make for your business. Whether you're looking to optimize your production processes, enhance product quality, or comply with industry regulations, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

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Type Iodine mg/g Methylene Blue Adsorption value mg/g Ash ≤% Hardness ≥% Moisture ≤% Molasses Bulk Density kg/m³
ACOG series
ACWN series
Remarks: The products can be provided to the customer’s demands

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